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Online Sexology Course

100€ (+200 )

Discover the secret of harmonious relationships. Forget the taboos and learn more about your sexuality!

In our Online Sexology Course, which is held on the website – www.onlexpa.com will be revealed many secrets and techniques that will help you in communicating with your partner and the people as a whole. We hope that you will find the missing pieces of the puzzle of your sexual, spiritual and loving relationships!

You will learn about the differences between men and women. You will make a new step in understanding the opposite sex.

However, remember that everything depends only on you! In the Online Sexology Course, we will talk about sex and will cover a wide range of topics related to sex, but at the beginning of our Online Course will begin with the most important - love, because without it, whatever you know about sex, there will be no significance!

Are you ready? Let's get started...

  • Unlimited Access - Study at your own pace with no rigid class time tables, 24/7 from any computer or smart device. Materials remain at your disposal on our platform for follow even after all the lessons are activated. Access is obtained to the entire system for an unlimited period of time!
  • Certificate - After completing the Online Course, you will be able to download the certificate from your profile.
  • Free IQ Test - Each of our users can do a special IQ test and receive the score instantly. The user can choose whether after receiving the certificate for the completed online course wants the result of the IQ test to be recorded in the certificate.

The course has been translated into English, French, Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian!

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