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You can purchase LEX Tokens for investment purposes, as well as the fact that you to buy an online course from our system.
To do that, you must have at least 1000 LEX Tokens in your profile.

Pay 0.2 Ethereum (ETH) for 1000 LEX Tokens to 31.12.2018.

Purchase your LEX Tokens using the following Ethereum Address:

Enter your Ethereum Address:

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How to buy LEX Points



LIMIT - 2 SMS in month

Enter received code here

Send SMS Text plati onlex220 (for +220 LEX) on price 1.24€ to number 1351




No limit

Folosiți în timp punctele dumneavoastră LEX, pentru că toate punctele LEX acumulate se anulează la data de 01.01 în fiecare an!

LEX Info

Bonus! After you register in our website


Bonus! If you register upon invitation from a friend of yours who is registered in our website


Bonus! If you send an invitation for registration from your profile to the email address of your friend and he/she registers himself/herself from the link he/she has received


Bonus! If you buy our Online Course, whatever it is.

You can see our Online Courses HERE. More courses you buy, more points you win.


Online Games


Every Online Course of ours can be bought for 100€ SAU -1 000

-1 000

You can buy Online VIP Card for the price of 300€ or -10000 .


Every *60 hours you will be able to check your treasure that will bring you between 5 and 1 000 LEX points or free VIP Card!

*You will be able to send SMS for 2.48€ with text: plati onlexpa24 to number 1352 and get а prize every 24h

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